Air, Land and Water Engineering has been performing Phase I, II and III environmental assessment projects since 1993. Hundreds of assessments have been performed under tight timeframes. Numerous assessment projects involved the coordination and management of multi-site portfolios; most projects were accomplished within short time schedules.

Our Senior Engineer is familiar with Brownfield regulations in Maryland and Pennsylvania.


  • Performed environmental assessments at many manufacturing facilities including electronic manufacturers, medical equipment, furniture makers, and printing companies.
  • Managed/Performed Phase I and II projects for multiple portfolios of commercial properties for major NYC firm throughout USA and one portfolio in England.
  • Performed several sub-surface investigations for dry cleaner chemical (perchloroethylene) including a Hechinger site in Frederick, Westview Mall, and a distributor of the chemical in Beltsville, MD.
  • Performed Phase I and II investigations for large institutions including installation of wells for the University of Maryland, Towson University and Fort Belvoir.
  • Evaluated gas station sites for various clients, including Exxon, Crown, the State of Maryland, and several independent station owners.
  • Performed soil gas investigations for VOCs and methane gas for various clients.
  • Performed Phase I ESA at Superfund Site in Bridgewater, NJ